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Internazional Conference On
November 16-17 , 2018

Scientific Committee
Mohamad Alani, Mominoun without Borders Institution for Studies and Researches, Rabat, Morocco
Stefano Allievi, Padova University, Italy
Mohammed Bensalah, Faculty of Governance, Economic and Social Sciences, Rabat, Morocco/ The Granada Institute for Researches and Higher Studies, Granada, Spain
Paolo Branca, Catholic University of Milan, Italy
Alessandro Ferrari, University of Insubria, Italy
Enzo Pace, Padua University, Italy
Loïc Le Pape, University Paris 1 Panthéon Sorbonne
Roberto Mazzola, University of Piemonte Orientale, the Interuniversity Center for Culture, Law, and Religions-FIDR, Italy
Yunis Qandil, Mominoun without borders Foundation, The Granada Institute for Researches and Higher Studies/Free University of Berlin, Germany
Mohamed Khalid Rhazzali, University of Padua, Italy/Lausanne University, Switzerland
For further information: [email protected]
Remark: A symbolic compensation shall be allocated to research papers presented at the conference
Conference Program
11 Gennaio 2019
11 GENNAIO 2019
Mustafa Chagdali
Thijl Sunier
Enzo Pace
Abdellah Sayid
Vicenzo Romania
Stefano Allievi
Stefan Weidner
Saif Benabdennour
Roberto Mazzola
Mustafa Ceric
Mohammed Bensalah
Khalid Mayar Elidrissi
Abdellatif Kidai
Heidi Campbell
Ignacio Gutierrez de Teran
Question Time Session Parte 1
Question Time Session Parte 2
Question Time Session Parte 3
12 Gennaio 2019
12 GENNAIO 2019
El Mostafa Rezraz
Vicenzo Romania
Stefano Allievi
Mustafa Chagdali
Hassan Alamri
Egdunas Racius
Paolo Branca
Alessandra Vitullo
Mohammed Bensalah
Question Time Session
Question Time Round Table
Closing Session
La giornata